Scholarship FAQ:

   How much is the scholarship?

Up to $30,000 over 6 years:  scholarship amounts range from $1500 – $5000 per year (the average is $3500).  This is a recurring scholarship for up to 6 years as long as students remember to renew their scholarship with us and meet minimum requirements:

  1. You are Pell Grant eligible from your FASFA application for the upcoming school year
  2. You are a student in good standing at your school with no disciplinary and/or academic citations
  3. You are willing to commit to a minimum of eight (8) hours per semester of volunteer work (waved during pandemic)
  4. You are willing to complete a personal interview

   Is this is a one-time scholarship?

No.  This scholarship is renewable for up to 6 years.

   What if I transfer schools or decide to attend community college for a year?

The scholarship will follow you to any institution that accepts federal grant dollars (e.g. a Pell Grant)

   What does this scholarship cover?

The scholarship is meant to cover expenses for your total cost of attendance.  This is any expense charged to your school account, such as meal plan, books, tuition, etc.

Application FAQ:

   Can I use a “screen shot” or unofficial transcripts for my grades?

Yes!  As long as your student ID and the school’s URL is visible in the screen grab

   Can I edit the application after I’ve submitted it?

Yes.  You can submit your application when required fields are complete and continue to edit it until the application deadline on March 1.

   Can I submit the application even though recommendation letters have not been uploaded?

Yes.  You may submit the application without recommendation letters, however this is still a required element of the application.

   Can I include my resume as part of my application submission?

Yes.  There is a section provided at the bottom of the application for you to include your resume.

   Will my application be considered if I do not press the submit button?

No.  You must use the submit button function for your application to be considered.