The Last Dollar Scholarship

Persevere. Achieve. Do

Our scholarship program is focused on bridging the funding gap left after Pell grants, loans and other merit-based scholarships — providing those last dollars needed to make college a reality.

Why the focus on ‘last dollars?’

To help the maximum number of students, we’ve elected to award “last dollar” grants which help cover the gap between total cost of attendance and financial assistance (including grants, scholarships and low-interest loans).  Combining the GMFF scholarship with other sources of financial aid enables us to spread our dollars to more students.  Our scholarships average $3500.00; depending on an applicant’s need. GMFF awards scholarships on the basis of a competitive application process without regard to race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

GMFF scholarship applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • qualify for a federal Pell Grant using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( through the US Department of Education,
  • commit to a minimum of eight (8) hours per semester of volunteer work,
  • be an active participant in one of our  partners’ programs.
  • be willing to complete a personal interview, and
  • be a student in good standing with no disciplinary and/or academic citations (for applicants already enrolled)

You can begin the application process as early as December using our online application.  Applications are due by midnight EST on the first of March.  See the FAQ page for answers to common questions about the scholarship and application.