Last Dollar Scholarship Application

The scholarship application period begins December 1st, 2023 for the 2024-2025 school year.  Online applications and recommendations are due March 1, 2024 by midnight EST.  GMFF accepts only online applications.  The steps for new applicants are:

Step 1: Written Application and Recommendation Letters
Using the form below, complete and submit the written application and at least one letter of recommendation by March 1.

Step 2: Interview 
You will be notified via email by March 8th if you are a finalist and are selected to participate in a 30 minute interview with one or more of the GMFF board members.  Check out our Interviewing Tips

What you will need for the written application:

  1. One to two recommendation letters
  2. Confirmation of your Pell Grant eligibility from your FASFA application for the upcoming school year (2024-2025).
  3. An unofficial (or official) transcript of your most recently completed coursework. This may include high school transcripts, GED score report or any postsecondary course grades from your online university account
  4. The “Total Cost of Attendance” for the college(s) to which you are applying. This is typically found on the website of your college’s Office of Financial Aid
  5. Be a student in good standing at your school with no disciplinary and/or academic citations
  6. Be willing to commit to a minimum of eight (8) hours per semester of volunteer work
  7. Be willing to complete a personal interview
  8. Your resume or CV

See the FAQ page for answers to common questions about the scholarship and the application