It’s about more than the money

We recognize that attending college is not the ultimate outcome.  We want to help ensure that students become graduates and are able to do something with their degrees.  Be it the arts, education, STEM fields or business…  it’s important that they are competitive for employment in their chosen professions — this is the ultimate outcome.

Our scholarship recipients are often the first in their families to attempt post-secondary education, and they typically lack the tools they need to successfully navigate the demands of a degree program.  We partner with organizations in the community that help students overcome the many challenges of completing their educational goals by providing support throughout a student’s high school and college journey.  Our partners include, but are not limited to, The Raleigh Colleges and Community Collaborative, NCSU Student Services and TRIO programs (Upward Bound and Talent Search), Appalachian Access at ASU and high school college counselor teams.

Appalachian State University ACCESS

Appalachian State University Trio Program (Upward Bound)

Carolina Youth Coalition

Daniel Center

NCSU Trio Programs (Upward Bound and Talent Search)

NCSU Pack Promise